New AMD Ryzen 5950X - 16 Core CPU

En dan niet alleen met de 5950X ook de andere modellen: 5900X, 5800X en 5600X zijn nu al best of class. De 5950X is een 16 Core processor met een turbo frequentie van 4,9GHz met sterk verbeterde cache die op een PCIe 4.0 platform geprikt kan worden.

De prestaties liegen er niet om, de 5950X wint alles.

Guru3D omschrijft als volgt:


We gave it away already in the very first lines of this review; the original ZEN design was bronze, ZEN2 silver, and ZEN3 truly is gold. The release of Ryzen 5000 probably will make a whole bunch of people at Intel nauseous as from every and any angle AMD now is faster. So that last bit you could nag about with a Ryzen proc is gone, strictly speaking from a hardware and performance point of view, of course. Not just that, AMD offers an infrastructural advantage as well with full PCIe Gen 4.0 compatibility throughout the eco-system. Arguably, the one thing we can label as abrogating is pricing; AMD is pushing it by adding an extra 50 USD premium on top of the entire range. In the end, though the consumer market is brutal, if a product is even 5 bucks too expensive, people will not buy it. I suspect that even despite that price premium of 50 bucks, this series still will be a ginormous hit. You've seen the numbers, is it worth it? Well, yes, we think it is. Also, we have to talk about some relativity here. An Intel HEDT platform with 10+ cores two years ago would cost you $1000 easily just for the processor, right now you can purchase as a 12-core beast for $549 or $799 for the 16-core ZEN3 part.

We really cannot nag about anything else as both the Ryzen 5900X and 5950X are gems, never has single-threaded performance been this fast, never has multi-threaded performance been this fast, never (for AMD) has gaming performance been this fast. You've seen it, throughout the spectrum of possibilities from web browsing that becomes faster up-to complicated many threaded workloads for content creation, AMD will save you some time on any workload as it's simply put, the fastest product series. The move to a full 8-core design, as opposed to two 4-core CCXes, was the right choice to make for ZEN3. However, AMD thereon advanced at many levels in the architecture, bring that extra IPC per single thread utilized. I mean, CB20 scores at ~640 points, just wow.

In Cinebench 20 ziet dat er zo uit:



Wij kunnen het niet beter zeggen behalve dan dat AMD niet alleen aan hun CPUs werkt maar ook op grafisch gebied enorm inhaalt op nVidia maar tegelijkertijd ook het hele platform verbeterd waarmee wij de uitrusting van de moederborden bedoelen. Goed bezig.

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